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Declaration of the Somalia Labour Party Establishment

Xisbiga Leebarka oo Taageeray Shirkii London


Somali Labour Party (SLP) was established in October 7th, 2011. The purpose of the party is to meet the needs of all Somalis'.

We all know that our Country and our people have suffered enough and are still suffering because of irresponsible and inhumane actions of our fellow citizens whatsoever was their intention the damage is done, and still is continuing and inflicting unacceptable consequences of mass starvation to extinction due to war and famine, which are beyond the acceptable level of understanding to all mankind in our World .

Most of the catastrophe in our Country are man made except two or three natural disasters caused by drought that have and are still causing mass starvation and death because of hunger, thirst, malnutrition, and lack of security that our country and its population are desperately in need with strong urgency to safeguard and protect the few surviving of them God will.

The Somali population have lost almost everything from loved ones like mothers, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles, aunts, property such as houses, farms, wealth, and most importantly they lost their government, country, sovereignty, their reputation and honor, which is sad to say there is nothing left for them except hope and faith in Allah that commanded us as believers not to loose hope from his bounties, mercifulness, and that is why me and my fellow brothers and co-founders have firmly decided to go ahead with the establishment of the Somali Labour Party to rescue our brothers and sisters as well as our fellow citizens in Somalia.

After two decades of destruction and devastations, its time for us to stand up together and participate in the coming Somali Political Election scheduled to be held next year in the mid of August 2012 Insha Allah, and not to waste any single minute in order to be ready and build up popular confidence and their will to vote and be elected democratically under the Leadership of The Somali Labour Party, which is the only party that can unite all Somalis under one political Umbrella

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